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Corporate Law

Our legal services are aimed to be the key to the sustainability and success of your business.


Long-standing experience in providing legal services to companies performing in the manufacturing, transportation, medical, creative, and other areas enable us to effectively manage daily legal aspects of business processes, timely identify risks and provide you with the best solutions to complex situations.


Upon demand of the client we do the mapping of complex commercial transactions and act as legal advisors in their implementation. We advise on various corporate law agreements, including business takeovers and shareholders’ interactions.

Commercial Transactions

We provide legal services at all stages of commercial transactions starting with pre-contract negotiation, structuring the transaction, drafting agreements and negotiating its’ terms with counterparts; to monitoring the legal aspects of contract execution and managing contractual disputes.


Upon demand of the client we draft agreements in the fields of real estate (development & acquisition), logistics, intellectual property and other. We provide legal opinions on commercial agreements and contractual relationships; advise on issues of amendment, termination and performance of contracts; participate in negotiations and represent the client in contractual disputes.

Real Estate

The real estate market often requires significant investment and is subject to financial risks. We have been working in the field for over fifteen years now. We can help you to achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient way, starting with drafting the structure of transaction to monitoring the execution of it with your best interest at heart.

Advertising Law

Legal challenges in the field of creative activity are large part of our daily work. Years of experience in legal service for creative agencies empower us to represent the client with great confidence in negotiating, disputing and legally supervising any aspect in the field of advertising.

Intellectual Property Law

We have accumulated significant experience in copyright and related rights, trademarks, patents, industrial design and other intellectual property law areas. We have expertise to effectively protect your rights to creative output (works, inventions, markings, topographies, designs, etc.).

We also work in the areas of performance, copy rights, investment in creative output, and related matters.

Aviation Law

Our team is experienced in serving clients on both national and international aviation law markets, operating wet/dry lease agreements and related transactions. We represent clients in negotiations and disputes related to aviation, as well as in relations with passengers.

Disputes, Arbitration, Mediation

If you find yourself in a dispute, we shall identify the goals and develop a strategy to reach them at minimal consumption of your resources.

Our team includes professional mediators licensed to mediate court cases; we also have successful experience in arbitration cases. We shall suggest alternative ways of dispute resolution and discuss possibilities of case settlement. We shall represent you in the negotiations and seek satisfaction of your best interest as if was our personal matter.


We are professionals of data protection, experienced at large-scale implementation of GDPR compliance documents and monitoring follow-up processes. We are confident in managing data security threats and always ensure that the data protection strategies we offer are tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Media Law

We have unbeatable media law experience and expertise in case-law of the field. Whatever is your need, we can do it. Providing legal opinions on public information, advising on matters of right of expression, counseling on defamation and private life protection is just a small part of what we do in field of media law.

Family Law

We advise and represent clients in matters related to concluding and terminating marriage (including international processes under EU Regalements), prenuptial agreements, legal status of the property, paternity and inheritance issues and other related matters. We have a proven record of successful representation in complex family law cases that include contesting property agreements.

Law of Medicine

We are experienced in medicine and pharmaceutical law areas. In the field we shall represent clients and provide professional advice on issues related to registration of medicine products and product distribution, clinical studies and researches, clinical trial data protection, medical activity compliance with law and medical business ethics, professional liability and related matters.

Information Technology (IT) Law

We provide legal counselling for local and global clients acting in the IT, media, telecommunications and related sectors. We know both, the legal and technical aspects of IT field, so we offer legal services that help to tackle challenges of law compliance in this area. We advise on matters of introducing IT start-ups into the market; IT licensing; we also monitor IT sector agreements and carry out necessary legal procedures; advise on regulatory issues regarding electronic communications and on variety of issues in e-commerce, Internet and media law as well as represent our clients in IT related disputes.

Public Law

Providing public law related legal services, we seek to resolve conflict situations in the public administration area, assisting our clients both in the pre-trial institutions and at the courts.
We provide professional legal advices on state-licensing, obtaining the permits and business certifications and all issues thereto. We prepare administrative and procedural documents and negotiate on behalf of our clients. We have significant experience in assisting clients in due diligence disputes.
We also offer our clients tax advisory services and represent clients in disputes with tax authorities and at the courts.
We defend our clients in criminal proceedings, criminal investigation institutions and courts of all instances, draft all the required legal documents.

Public procurement law

We provide wide-range legal services in the field of public procurement: represent our clients in public procurement disputes; assist in drafting tenders, provide legal opinions on the terms and conditions compliance with legal regulations etc.

Human Rights

We advise and represent clients on all matters related to violations of human rights established in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. We provide legal advice on options of applying to the European Court of Human Rights (preliminary assessment of the admissibility of the petition), draft petitions to the European Court of Human Rights and respond to the Government’s position in the ongoing cases.